Women Eating Pussy for the First Time

Emma and Devin have been friends for a long time, so while chatting over a cup of coffee, Devin decides she is comfortable enough to ask Emma if she can lend her some money. Being the good friend that she is, Emma is happy to help out, but she can’t help but use this opportunity to get a little something in return… something she’s always wanted. She leans in and kisses Devin, but Devin refuses her advances at first. However, she really needs the money and who better to experiment with then your closest friend, so then eventually gives into her. Devin seems uninterested at first, but eventuall she comes around and gets into the hot lesbian action. As Emma continues to kiss Devin, she starts rubbing her hands over her large breasts and gentley squeezes them. She shows Devin just what it’s like to pleasure another woman as she starts to finger her drenched twat. Devin gets really into it and acknowledges that they can be more than just best friends for life. Emma quickly removes her friend’s clothes and can’t wait to get to that sweet pussy. First it’s her top and Emma sucks at her tits a little before pulling off her pants and panties in one shot, then wedges her head between her legs. Emma dives in, making Devin see stars as she eats this special treat. Devin seemed to forget any hestiation she had before about not being into other girls because she was moaning and squirming like she was cumming the entire time! Now it’s Devin’s turn to pleasure her friends and dives in like a pro. She flips Emma over and starts licking her pussy. Soon the two are in a 69er and both pleasuring each other into the most enjoyable sex of their lives!

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  1. Paul M., added October 22, 2010 at 5:46 pm :

    I believe I am in real love!

  2. Howard, added November 8, 2010 at 4:02 am :

    A boob a day keeps the doctor away.

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